Declutter Your Home in a Jiffy – Things to Get Rid Of with No Regret

declutter in a jiffy
Things to Get Rid Of with No Regret. Click to download the pdf.

I’ll bet you’ve already tried (or at least thought about trying) a few ways to declutter your home. You may be ready to get organized or just “clean up” a little. Here are a few things that you can probably donate or give away and start living a more simplified, streamlined life.

Declutter Your Home With a List of Things You Won’t Miss

  1. HANGERS from the dry cleaner
  2. SWEATERS with fuzz balls
  3. SHOES that hurt your feet
  4. CLOTHES with stains
  5. plastic stadium CUPS
  6. DISHES you never use
  7. COOKBOOKS you never use
  8. difficult, time consuming or expensive RECIPES
  9. dried up cans of PAINT
  10. broken ELECTRONICS
  11. florist’s VASES
  12. PAPERBACK BOOKS that you’ll never reread
  13. greeting CARDS
  14. TROPHIES from your childhood
  15. bad PHOTOS
  16. SCHEDULES and INVITATIONS from past events
  17. expired COUPONS
  19. grocery store RECEIPTS
  20. tourist BROCHURES
  21. MANUALS to items you don’t own anymore
  22. expired WARRANTIES and CONTRACTS
  23. unrecognizable BUSINESS CARDS
  24. uninterested charity SOLICITATIONS

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  1. Allie says

    I have both hoarding and adhd tendencies, and worst of all, I am very eco-aware and was raised in a very conserver-use everything twice fashion. I know “the war is over” and we are now inundated with more stuff than the planet has ever seen. So when I finally have a pile of stuff to bring to the garbage dump, I end up coming home with more! I can’t believe the stuff people throw out and I do understand that “stuff” has taken over my life – socially (I can’t have people over) and financially (don’t have a job because fixing the stuff takes all my time).

    Just wanted to lament that because it is so easy and cheap to buy goods these days, nobody places any value on fixing things. This is not good for the landfill situation. And it takes away jobs from “fixers/tinkerers” like me because it is cheaper to buy a “made in china” product.

    My creative adhd brain was designed to operate in a “make do with little” world. I can find uses for items that many of you would never have considered. But I cannot deal with the volume of items in my house today: I don’t even recognize in what category some of these things go because I use things in unintended ways. It would be so much easier for me if I didn’t have a conscience!

  2. says

    What a great list, Geralin! I feel energized just reading it. What I love is the list’s “do-ability.” Anyone can take even one of the items from the list to get their “letting go rhythm” started. Fabulous list. Fabulous you!

  3. Anonymous says

    As a mom of 3 boys, I have to add the clothes that won’t fit the kids anymore. It’s just a great feeling to see all those huge plastic containers, filled to the top, get out the door to someone who will make good use of their contents! And, warm weather clothes take a lot less space. ;-)

  4. Geralin says

    I agree completely – it’s satisfying to see and feel the results of decluttering.

  5. says

    I just got through with going through all of my daughters clothes and donating what she couldn’t wear anymore. I also took the time to switch out summer and winter clothes. Going through toys and getting rid of ones she doesn’t play with anymore is also a good thing to do while the kids are away.