Housekeeping Instructions ~ Instrucciones de Limpieza

Professional organizer Geralin Thomas created this complete set of housekeeping instructions to help her clients better manage their homes.

Remove communication obstacles and ensures your housekeeper or cleaning crew can confidently achieve the goals you set.

What You Will Receive

The English-Spanish Special Instructions worksheet is a simple way to communicate specific preferences regarding how areas of your home are cleaned. The Areas to Be Cleaned Today and General Housekeeping checklist provide a detailed list of expected tasks to be completed. The Housekeeping Instructions also includes an Authorized Cleaning Supply list to ensure your handy help knows what products (and even brands) work best on your various surfaces.

Each set of instructions, given side-by-side in English and Spanish, allows you to detail your expectations regarding basic household procedures and preferences, authorized cleaning supplies for general and specific use, and daily cleaning priorities. The clear, bilingual instructions ensure that you and your cleaner will be on the same page regarding your expectations and requirements.

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Testimonial from Susana Enriquez :

Do you expect people to read your mind? When you simply tell your housekeeper or family members to clean the house, that’s what you are doing. So it’s no surprise when the doorknobs aren’t disinfected, the ceiling fans aren’t dusted and the deck isn’t swept.

In the Professional Organizers Housekeeping Instructions, Geralin Thomas has created an exhaustive list of tasks that you can check off and leave for the person (or people) who will be cleaning your house. It takes the guesswork out of cleaning (Should I clean the top of the fridge?) and the language barrier is removed because the instructions are also in Spanish!

As a professional organizer who occasionally works with cleaning services, Geralin’s list would be helpful in saving time coming up with and writing down all of the things that need to be tended to in a home. And who can not use more time?

¿Esperas que la gente te adivine el pensamiento? Eso es precisamente lo que estas haciendo cuando solamente le dices “Limpia la casa” a la persona que se encarga de tu hogar o el hogar de tu cliente. Si haces eso, no debe sorprenderte si las perillas de las puertas no se desinfectan, los ventiladores de techo no se sacuden ni se barre el porche de atrás.

Las “Instrucciones de Limpieza” creada por Geralin Thomas es una lista completa de quehaceres que se puede marcar y dejar para la persona (o las personas) que limpian tu casa o la de tus clientes. Con esta lista, no hay necesidad de preguntar si se tiene que limpiar arriba del refrigerador porque si esta marcado, se tiene que hacer. Y no habra malos entidos porque las instrucciones estan en español e ingles.

Para una organizadora como yo que de vez en cuando utiliza los servicios de limpieza, la lista que ha creado Geralin le ahorraría tiempo porque no habrá necesidad de pensar en y apuntar todas las cosas que se tienen que hacer en una casa.”

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Geralin Thomas

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