Teleclass for New Organizers: Using the NOE Forms

Professional Organizing Seminars

UPCOMING CLASS: Monday, Feb 2nd at noon x 90 minutes ET Note: the calling instructions will be emailed upon registration You’re new to the field of professional organizing. You’re doing your research, clarifying your needs and goals, and now, you’ve purchased my New Organizer Essentials (NOE) forms. Maybe you’ve even practiced using the forms with friends, family […]

Become a Professional Organizer with 1:1 Professional Organizer Training via Phone

Private Training with Geralin Thomas

1-on-1 Professional Organizer Training with Geralin Thomas Are you a highly motivated professional organizer looking for direct answers to questions and advice on specific topics? This 1 on 1 professional organizer training available from any phone line is custom-tailored for you. I’ll help you: Build and Manage your Client Base Determine or Change your Direction […]