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important documents and file management

Important Documents + File Management

To prevent a paper pileup on your desk, stay on top of which items need to be filed, shredded or thrown away. Any item with identifying information should be shredded to protect your privacy and avoid identity theft. Be sure to check with your attorney or accountant if you are unsure if something needs to […]

productivity and digital organizing

Essential Guides For The Digital Organizer

Deron Bos’ Recommendations For Guides Every Digital Organizer Should Read This week’s post is from guest blogger Deron Bos, a professional organizer in Los Angeles who specializes in solutions for digital and physical clutter. In addition to the guides suggested below, I encourage you to read my recommended book list for professional organizers: The Ultimate […]

independent contractors

Organizing Subcontractors: Employees or Independent Contractors?

One way to grow your professional organizing business, take on more clients and tackle large projects is to hire a team of subcontractors to work collaboratively on group projects. However, when assembling your team of subcontractors, it’s important to understand the difference between an independent contractor and an employee. Use the information below to protect […]

How to find the right senior living community for you

Questions To Ask Before Moving Into A Senior Living Community

How To Choose A Senior Living Community That’s A Good Fit For You If you’ve decided to move into a senior living or retirement community, it’s important to make sure you find a community that fits your personality and lifestyle. Think about your reasons for moving into a senior community. Do you want to downsize? […]