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Beautiful floating shelves - here's how to make shelves work for your home

Everything You Need To Know About Shelves

There’s a reason why shelves are the ultimate go-to for organizing; they keep things neat and add to a room’s aesthetic quality. Below is a guide to help you learn what kinds of shelves work best for your space. Types of Shelves Shelving units are categorized into three types: fixed brackets, built-ins and adjustable slotting […]

Beautiful, clean, organized bathroom

How To Maintain A Clean And Organized Bathroom

How To Create A Bathroom Chore Schedule The bathroom is central to our personal wellbeing and hygiene. Due to moisture, and the number of different products typically kept in bathrooms, unless a bathroom is cleaned regularly, it can quickly become a haven for mildew, mold and out-of-control cosmetic clutter. Be sure you’re not the only […]

feng shui

The Season of Autumn & The Metal Element

Welcoming the Season of Autumn with Feng Shui   Autumn is governed by the element of METAL which is a cold and contracting energy associated with creativity, communication, inspiration and symbols. The emotion associated with metal is grief. Because the yang energies are now weakening and the chi is now yin in nature, it is a perfect time […]

Coupon clippings -- what's you're clutterer personality?

Mint.com Clutterer Personality Quiz

The Cost Of Clutter Did you know clutter can negatively affect your wallet? A cluttered home hurts your wallet. The cost of unused food, misplaced valuables and duplicate purchases adds up. I partnered with Mint.com to create a clutterer personality quiz. Knowing your personality type will help you identify the type of clutter in your […]